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On Safari in Tsavo East & West,
Amboseli & the Masia Mara...
Tsavo East...
Tsavo East National Park is one of the
oldest and largest parks in Kenya at
11,747 km2, and opened in April 1948, it
is located near the village of Voi in the
Taita-Taveta district of Coast Province.
The park can be accessed by three main
gates, from Voi through the Manyani gate,
from Mombasa through the Bachuma gate,
or from Malindi through the Sala gate.
Most of the park consists of semi-arid
grasslands and savanna. It is considered
one of the world's biodiversity strongholds,
and its popularity is mostly due to the vast
amounts of diverse wildlife that can be
seen, including the famous 'big five'
consisting of masai lion, black rhino, cape
buffalo, elephant and leopard. The park
also is also home to a great variety of bird
life such as the black kite, crowned crane,
lovebird and the sacred ibis.
Ashnil Aruba Lodge has been opened
since May 2008 and is the absolute
highlight in Tsavo East for watching
animals. The Lodge is very close to the
Aruba Dam where you can see many wild
animals. The word Tsavo means barren
land. Tsavo is dry in the Taru desert and
wet by Lake Galana. As the legend goes
Tsavo East is drenched red with the blood
of Men & Masai
.Home of the infamous man-eating lions,
so called by the great number of deaths
that occurred to the railroad workers, while
they were building the inter connecting rail
system through the area. Here you'll find
the largest and strongest lions. Maybe
another species? Tsavo lions have no
manes. Tsavo is also famous for it's red
elephants. It also homes over 81 different
Tsavo East & West...
A comfortable safari touching on the
highlights of Tsavo West and Tsavo East.
Explore Tsavo and its variety of animals
and wonderful landscapes.
Tsavo West National Park is located in the
Coast Province of Kenya. The park covers
an area of 9,065 km2.
The western part is a more popular
destination on account of its magnificent
scenery & rich and varied wildlife.
such as black rhino, cape buffalo,
elephant, leopard and masai lion.
There are also other smaller animals that
can be spotted in the park, such as the
bushbaby, hippo, hartebeast, lesser kudu
and masai giraffe.
The rocks of the Ngulia mountains and the
endless wideness will leave you with an
unforgettable impression.
After being at Mzima Springs and
Poachers Lookout, you'll won't want to
leave Tsavo West.
The Chyullu Hills and it's many animals will
make you want to stay forever in Tsavo
Because of the savanna in Tsavo East the
animals here are found in great numbers.
Buffalo herds of 500 and more are
commonly seen. Families of lion and
countless elephants, giraffes, antelopes
and gazelles will cast a spell on you for
memories never forgotten.

This safari includes 2 over night stays,
The 4* Severin Safari Camp on your first
night, and the 4* Ashnil Aruba Lodge on
your second.
Tsavo East, West & Amboseli...
The most versatile safari you can
experience in 4 days from the region of
Perfect landscapes. Kilimanjaro, Masai
country, Yatta Plateau and the variety of wild
animals, 90 species of mammals, more
than 500 species of birds. All this and more,
for you to discover.
Once you cross the gate of Tsavo West,
passed by hippos at Tsavo River and driven
to Ngulia Hills which lie 1800m above sea
level, you will know why Denys Finch Hatton
called Tsavo his home.
You will be able to watch crocodiles at
Mzima Springs and many other species of
wild animals.
In the evening you will see the Kilimanjaro
before the stars light up the African sky. The
next morning we will drive along a lava flow
and 94 km through Masai country.
As we draw closer to the Kilimanjaro big
herds of mammals will appear from the dust
of Amboseli.
Herds of more than 300 elephants are often
seen in Amboseli.
Enjoy the landscape at the foot of  
Kilimanjaro and feel the magic of this Holy
Mountain, which the Masai people call the
"House of God".
In Tsavo East the landscape is based on a
Savannah. Very often you can watch herds
of 500+ buffalo's.
Big lion families and countless elephants,
giraffes, antelopes and gazelles will give
you the feeling that this safari was the right
The Masai Mara...
When it was originally established in 1948
as a Wildlife Sanctuary,the Mara covered
only 520 km2 of the current area, including
the Mara Triangle.
The area was extended to the east in
1961 to cover 1,821 km2  and converted
to a Game Reserve.

       'The Great Migration'...

The Great Wildebeest Migration, is one of
the “Seven New Wonders of the World”.

No where in the world is there a movement
of animals as immense as the wildebeest
Over two million animals migrate from the
Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to the
greener pastures of the Masai Mara
National Reserve in Kenya during July
through to October.
The migration has to cross the Mara River  
where crocodiles will lay in wait.
This is one of the highlights to be seen on
your safari, as the animals try and cross
the Mara River alive.
In the Masai Mara they will be hunted,
stalked, and run down by the larger
The Masai Mara also has one of the
largest densities of lion in the world and is
no wonder this is the home of the
wildlife channels & the Big Cat Diary.
The principle players are the wildebeest,
whose numbers appear to have settled at
just under 1.5 million, with supporting roles
from some 350,000 Thomson’s gazelle,
200,000 zebra and 12,000 eland.
These are the main migrators, and they
cross the ranges of over a quarter of a
million other resident herbivores and, of
course, carnivores.
The lions, hyenas, leopards, cheetahs and
lesser predators await the annual coming
of the migration with eager anticipation.
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